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Free service with unlimited minutes and saves your data.
It works Hands-Free in your car or truck.

T-Mobile blocking access to any of these lines? Access Radio works with other VoIP calling apps such as TextNow and Talkatone.

Top Talk Show Genres – Listen Lines

Each Listen Line links to Multiple Talk Shows

Talk Right 1-605-477-6200
Talk Right II 1-605-562-4219
Intelligent Talk 1-605-562-7020
Conservative Talk 1-605-562-4197
Weekend Radio 1-605-477-3767
Gun Rights Radio 1-605-477-3709
Alternative Media 1-605-562-6121
Conspiracy Radio 1-701-801-3513
Paranormal UFO (featuring Coast to Coast AM with George Noory 1-605-477-4799, Alternative Access Line: 1-605-615-1624)
Trucker’s Radio 1-605-477-4734
Comedy Line 1-605-562-4210

The Latest Show Audio-on-Demand

Aaron Klein 1-605-475-8555
Mike Church 1-641-793-9640
Clyde Lewis 1-712-770-9701
Fade To Black 1-605-562-4482
Tammy Bruce 1-605-562-4214
Richard C Hoagland 1-701-801-4404
The X Zone 1-712-432-9459
Howie Carr 1-605-562-6135
The Power Hour 1-712-432-9370

Audio-on-Demand Listen Lines

Dark Matter Digital 1-712-432-9375
KGRA Radio 1-605-562-4206
KCAA Radio 1-701-801-4444
Free Talk Live 1-641-793-9660
News Talk Florida 1-605-477-3705
The Blaze Radio 1-716-748-0123
Red State Talk Radio 1-605-562-4209
Truth Frequency Radio 1-641-793-7117

If you are having any issues with these access lines or if you would like to add your station to our system, please contact the admin by email: